The following represents current view of Alien4Cloud development team of its product development cycle and future directions. It is intended for information purposes only, and should not be interpreted as a commitment, though we do our best to reach the dates and features set mentioned below.

Premium features, support and certifications are available under a subscription, delivered by FastConnect, a Bull, Atos technologies subsidiary. Contact us for more details.

We deliver major releases every 4 month. Please note that we also deliver intermediate sprint releases in Alien4Cloud GitHub repo, every 3 weeks, in order to get feedback on features while still in development.

  • Core

    • Container/Docker: Design containers based portable blueprints deployable on different Docker infrastructure with support of their specificities
      • Define a group of containers as a single unit deployment to ensure co-localization and common usage of resources
      • Post-matching with containers platform specific properties
      • Kubernetes support
        • DNS & Kubernetes Services support improvements
        • Integration with external registry for public network exposed services
      • AWS ECS support
      • Ease usage of docker image with the ability to reference an image from a public or a private repository
      • Display number of deployed containers and metrics on dashboards (Max & current)
    • Improve variables/inputs management across environments
    • TOSCA Catalog:
      • Upload an image for a substituted type
      • Access to the A4C forge: public and private blueprints
    • New policies engine:
      • Manage placement policies
        • Affinity - Anti-Affinity policies
        • Multi zones placement policies: Manage HA or topology performance by associating nodes to zones
      • Manage runtime policies
        • Auto-scaling integration
        • Auto-Healing
      • Supported containers platform policies
        • Kubernetes
        • Aws ECS
    • Workflows:
      • Improved worflows editor to support operations on relationships
      • Launch a custom workflow on a specific instance of a scaled node
      • Display deployment progress on the workflow view
    • Deployment:
      • Display deployments history at the application environment level
      • Retrieve a deployed topology (Blueprint, location, matching, variables,inputs)
    • Monitoring integration:
      • New monitoring tools/ Status feedback loop (For VMs, Containers, Containers scheduler)
      • Viewing metrics and detail cluster state information
    • Security:
      • Secrets management
        • Improve application password management (UI - API)
        • Out of the box Vault solution and support for custom vault integration
      • Generate security groups from A4C for AWS, Azure, OpenStack
      • Manage infrastructures resources security by environments type
    • User experience:
      • Streamlined process deployments
      • Improved Archives/Catalog screen

    Orchestrators certifications

    • Cloudify v4.0

    Infrastructure support

    • Improve integration capabilities with orchestrators and implementation artifacts support
    • Certification for following infrastructures/IaaS
      • Amazon Web Services
      • Microsoft Azure
      • VMWare VSphere
      • Openstack
      • Host-pool (physical machines)

    TOSCA conformance

    • Improve networks support to reach TOSCA spec 1.1
    • Support for alien 4 cloud 1.4 and 2.0 DSL

    Additional Premium features

    • v1.4 to v2.0 Migration tools

  • Core

    • TOSCA evolutions support
    • Enhanced extensibility & pluggability
    • Quotas management
    • Multi locations 24x7 app-centric placement & runtime policies
    • Blueprints Developer experience improvements

    More orchestrators, infrastructures & artefacts coverage

    • Google Cloud
    • Docker swarm
    • Cloud Foundry integration
    • OpenShift integration
    • Docker schedulers integration improvements

    Additional Premium features

    • NFV/SDN capabilities
    • Application Lifecycle Management features & Promotion workflow
    • Analytics and governance dashboards
    • Simplified Self Service
    • Chargeback & billing platforms integration
    • Cloud brokering
If you want to propose other features and/or if you are willing to contribute, please contact us.