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What can a4c do for you

Single click deploy to any target

Advanced matching engine allows you to deploy your portable topology to any target! Without any modification just choose to deploy to AWS, Azure, OpenStack, your physical machines etc. Have a docker based application ? Deploy your docker applications seamlessly on Marathon or Kubernetes etc.

Easy self-service consumption

Allow your teams to access IT resources straightaway with a fine rights management.
Design portable topologies/blueprints using a simple drag & drop editor. Share your topologies with other users in the system, manage your applications topologies.

Manageable IT infrastructure, private or public, at any scale

Provide self-service on pre-configured infrastructure resources (cloud, bare metal, already running services) with a comprehensive system of rights and resources access management.

Open and extensible

Add your own devops components, add support for your own custom cloud, leverage any API.
Integrate with any of your favorite tools.
Extend alien4cloud UI or rest services to add or even override existing screens.

Manage your deployments

Deploy your application on the selected cloud using our single click deploy feature, upgrade existing deployments and get immediate feedback on the deployment process.

Dev friendly

Comprehensive versions and environments management allows you to build your continuous delivery lifecycle including any complex deployment requirements. Run easily your workloads on any versions including integration testing and load testing. Our full-packaged model including from the infrastructure element to the application allow you to easily recreate any of your version environment to reproduce bugs.
Command line addict ? You can interact with A4C using rest API and simple curl Requests.

Spread knowledge and best-practices

Package your DevOps IT artifacts in reusable TOSCA components and make them available to other in a self-service catalog. Expose your existing artifacts, from Docker containers to classical Shell, Ansible, Batch, Chef, Puppet in a composable and reusable way for non-expert consumers etc.


Success story

Société générale reduced by 66% its time to market.
Deployment times in minutes
Close to zero incident rate on deployment
Application and environments 100% synced (deployment model always up to date)

Use case

Kubernetes use case

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