Alien4Cloud is OpenSource and you can download from the download link in the navbar!

You can also contact us to benefit from the Premium version with great features and support for your enterprise:

Open source Premium
Role based portal & Self-service deployment
Release pipeline / Versions, environments management
  • Open Source implementation (Algorithms/UI)
  • Integration with Dev/Ops systems (REST API)
Metrics & Analytics: Infrastructure Resources Dashboards, Audit Trails
Application Portability & Reusability using Tosca Standard
Tosca support: Simple profile in YAML v1.0 / alien 4 cloud 1.3 DSL
Components and blueprints Catalog (Drag & Drop, Git Archive import)
Users and applications workspaces
Full featured blueprint designer: Drag & drop, Custom Workflow, Advanced Git Integration
Artifact repositories management (Http, Maven, Git) basic (http)
Infrastructure targets and resources management
Portability insights at the topology & component level
IaaS resources matching
Reuse your existing artifacts: Shell, Chef, Puppet, Ansible...
Interface with any deployment platform, orchestrators, custom basic
- Display deployment information from underlying orchestrator
- Cloudify v3.3.1 certification
Deployment on any IaaS: Virtual, Physical, private, public or Hybrid basic
- Amazon (AWS)
- OpenStack
- Microsoft Azure
- VMWare VSphere
Containers/Docker support (Mesos & Kubernetes)
Runtime view (while deploying or running) basic
Runtime Policies: High availability and Scalability
Patch & Post deployment execution
Alien migration tools
Authentication, LDAP Integration
Manage SSH Keys
Associate existing Security Groups to Compute
SAML integration
o Alien4Cloud High Availability
Online Documentation, product updates
Response SLA time, Support Portal & knowledge Base, Direct access to core developers, Hot patches, fixes
Updates and new premium features (Alien & Cloudify), Indemnification, Priority on new features development